Photos from the wedding – the best memento

I don’t know a person, which wouldn’t want to save the memories from the wedding day for as long as it is humanly possible – nonetheless it is a well-known fact that our memories fade away and we simply are unable to remember all that’s worth remembering from our wedding. That’s why it is so important to hire a good photographer for the wedding day, because wedding photos taken by him( or her )will be the best memento from this special day.
Of course there are many schools of wedding photography, but personally I am convinced that the best results can be achieved by using one simple rule when taking photos at someone’s wedding: it is absolutely required to be practically invisible and unintrusive, because only then the photographer will be able to take photos of situations that otherwise would be unavailable to him( or her ). One of the best wedding photographers known to me who uses this method with very good results is Daniel, owner of „DKPHOTO” – he is absolutely professional( some people even say that he’s more a documentalist than a simple wedding photographer )and simultaneously he is very creative and has a very good sense of humour. Probably that’s why his photos are so beautiful and unique – anyone, who does not believe that, can check the galleries on Daniel’s website: it is well worth to at least look at these photographs.

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